Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Big Book of Billie

So exciting. Ever since I saw the 'Big Book of Tashi' several years ago I have secretly fantasised about having a 'big book of something' - and here it is! All twelve Billie stories, along with puzzles, games and even a gingerbread recipe! What more could a girl want?

And, if you're a boy who secretly loves Billie books but is too shy to be seen reading them in front of your friends because there is a GIRL on the front cover (ie; my eight-year-old son!) here is some good news for you:

Finally, Billie's best friend, Jack gets to tell HIS side of the story. But you'll have to wait until February next year...


  1. Yay! so very glad to hear Jack's getting a look-in. =) I have a couple of kids in mind who will love him =)

  2. Thanks Cathyinoz. That's great to hear. I hope they like the series. I have written four stories so far and if they're popular I'll write more. We are giving them a different 'look' to distinguish them from the Billie series, but I'm secretly hoping that Billie fans might like them, too.

  3. That is so cool, Sally! You must be thrilled. It's so satisfying to watch Billy gathering momentum AND branching out. Congratulations. jxx

  4. Thanks Jen. Yes, it's very exciting. I can't quite believe my luck most days!

  5. Hi,Sally,

  6. Yah! Hey Jack looks like another awesome series, Sally.

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