Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some happy news

Some of you may remember when I wrote last year of visiting my sponsor child, Elizabeth, in Ghana. It was an incredible experience that allowed me to see with my own eyes how my meagre contribution had literally changed lives and also convinced me to begin sponsoring a second child as well, this time in Sri Lanka.

Well, recently, World Vision contacted me with the happy news that Elizabeth's village has now become self-sufficient and no longer needs my support. The aim of World Vision is not to provide indefinite funding but to provide communities with the skills and resources they need to survive on their own. Elizabeth and the other children in her village, now have access to education, safe drinking water and healthcare, and the community leaders have been equipped with the skills to maintain the development progress that has been made.

I felt a little sad writing my last card to Elizabeth after sponsoring her for over six years, but mostly happy that the small amount I had contributed - less than what I would spend on coffees each week - had made such a difference. So when World Vision asked if I'd like to sponsor another child in Africa, I agreed without hesitation.

My new sponsor child is a little girl called Khalif and she lives in Kenya. I always sponsor girls - having three sons of my own, it's my silly way of imagining I have daughters. I wonder if I'll be lucky enough to meet her one day?

Here are some links you might like to look at if you feel inspired to make a difference:

And if you need any more convincing, watch this:


  1. Oh Sally, this is just wonderful. I am so inspired that i am pinching myself inside for taking advantage of my spoilt upbringing and not giving anything back to the community. I will look into the links you have provided. Thank you for another great post! xoxoxox

  2. That's great to hear you feel inspired, Aki. A few years ago I saw Peter Singer speak at the Perth Writers Festival and was inspired to join his pledge to donate at least one percent of what I earn each year to charity. He also said that the most helpful thing we can do to encourage other people to do the same is to talk about it.

  3. What a humbling experience to visit your sponsor child and how wonderful that her and her fellow villager's lives have benefited from your support to the point where they are self-sufficient. We sponsor children through Plan and it would be a happy day if we could receive similar news.

    And after recently holidaying in Thailand I was reminded that I am indeed blessed in my life and that there is everything to be grateful for in Australia.

  4. Thanks Vicki,
    I agree. Sometimes I think we need to leave Australia to realise how good we have it here.