Saturday, February 6, 2010

Into Africa!

Well, I'm packed and ready to go. Managed to squeeze a couple of pairs of undies and a toothbrush in around all the books and art materials and other stuff I need for my workshops. My request to visit my sponsor child has been approved, my visa has come back in time, I've bought presents, stocked up on anti-Malarials, and have even managed to get my suitcase closed - though god knows how much it weighs! So far so good. A mere 23 hours of flying (!) and I'll be there. Ghana is on the West coast and right on the Equator, so hot and sweaty, I'm guessing. That's fine by me - I love the hot weather. It's also almost exactly 12 hours behind so I'm hoping the jet-lag won't be too bad. Whatever happens, it will be an incredible adventure, I'm sure. Wish me luck!


  1. Have a wonderful time, Sally. Stay safe.
    best wishes

  2. Thanks Sheryl, arrived yesterday midday in one piece - just. Almost fell asleep into my dinner but slept like a stone last night. I am so excited to be here - I feel like a child all over again.