Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Two - Trashy Bags

What is there not to love about a shop called Trashy Bags? On our way home from school yesterday, my hosts made a detour past the new Trashy Bags store in Accra for me to do a little souvenir shopping. Essentially Trashy Bags employs over 60 people full-time to collect plastic bags off the street, sort them and then recycle them into these SUPER groovy hand bags, shopping bags and wallets. Impressed? I was! We pulled up outside a brand new two-storey building where out the front two women sat amongst a pile of plastic bags sorting them into colour and design. Then, inside the building the first floor was full of men and women on sewing machines turning rubbish into art. And, really, the bags are pure Art, with a capital 'A'. (see pic) Upstairs is the showroom, where all the bags were on display, and before I knew it, I had bought more recycled bags then I could ever know what to do with. (Yep, anyone close to me will know what presents they have coming to them!) I was so impressed not only by the work and design but also the concept. Streets in Accra are unfortunately littered with plastic bags but I was so inspired to think that this kind of intiative exists. If you think you're doing well getting your old milk cartons into the recycle bin on time you really should check this out: www.trashybags.org Now, if someone could only organise Posh Beckham to be photographed carrying the latest Trashy Bag tote - just imagine...


  1. Sally, what a wonderful trip. I've just read all of your Ghana blogs and now want to go to Africa even more that I thought I did. I also found similar bags in Cambodia and had to restrain myself from buying our the shop.

  2. Thanks Anne-Marie - I know it's a cliche but it absolutely blew my mind being there! dEfinitely worth the visit!