Friday, February 12, 2010

Day Four - Out on the street

Wednesdays at Lincoln Community School finish up at 1pm. The younger students go home but the senior students must participate in a program called CAS (Community Action Service) which goes towards their end of year marks. Students volunteer to help out in several places around Accra and I jumped on a bus that was headed to a childcare centre. The childcare centre was set up by a German woman who saw a need to help "Street Girls" - young women who were selling things along the roadside with small children in tow. The centre was established not only to look after the Street Girls' young children but also to help provide education and training to move these women off the streets and into more stable jobs. The centre is tiny and looks after between 120 and 130 small children a day - with only six full-time staff and a cook. The children were overjoyed to see the LCS students arrive. I sat with a little boy on my knee and caught up with my cuddles while I watched the teenage students play, read to or tutor the children. (The photo is of a five of the little girls at the centre in their hand-made uniforms.) For me, this has been the most impressive part of a most impressive school. I've had the most wonderful time here but my workshops are done. Long weekend trip to Lake Volta and then off to meet my sponsor child Elizabeth on Monday. I'll post again when I can!


  1. Dear Sally,

    I am so thrilled you enjoyed Ghana so much. My Grade 4 students LOVED meeting you and hearing about what inspires you to write and how you revise your work. (I was also delighted to hear you say that, as the children hate editing and revising and listening to you brought it home that, as their teachers have always told them, that's what writers do!) They were amazed that is has taken you 2 years so far to write your latest book and you still haven't finished yet! We can't wait to read it and we are still thinking of a title. We hope you were inspired by your visit to base one of your stories in Ghana! Thanks for coming to visit and we look forward to reading all the books you kindly donated to the library. Hope you had a safe journey back and come back soon!

    Sarah Pickles 4th Grade teacher

  2. Thanks so much Sarah - it's great to hear from you. I will definitely keep you and your fabulous students posted on how I am progressing with my novel and will send you a copy when it's published, of course.
    I just got back to Melbourne this morning and was very happy to see my family. They loved the presents I brought them: wooden masks, recycled beads, recycled tin toys and, of course, the famous Ghanaian chocolate! Please let Tanja know we LOVE the Cooking Fufu DVD and I brought some groundnut paste home with me so we are going to try cooking it here. I will let you know how we go. My kids will be very happy to be allowed to eat it with their hands, too.
    Keep in touch and say hi to everyone in Grade 4!