Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Faber Academy Writing For Children

Writing for Children with Sally Rippin
Faber Academy at Allen & Unwin is delighted to offer Writing for Children, run by Sally Rippin with guests Martine Murray and Andy Griffiths. This course will teach the skills needed to succeed and be fulfilled in the competitive and flourishing children's publishing industry.
Children are discerning readers. To write a children's book that will stand out on a publisher's desk, and then on bookstore shelves, you need to be aware of what is already out there, while creating something that reflects your personality.
This course will cover the elements required to create a stand-out manuscript. You will discover how to craft a compelling story, memorable characters, authentic dialogue and an evocative setting. You will learn about your audience and the themes and language suited to different age groups. The course will also discuss what publishers are looking for and how to convince them that you are worth publishing.
Suitable for all levels, students are encouraged to bring along their ideas and be prepared to workshop. They will leave with a holistic understanding of the children's publishing industry, as well as a full or partially completed draft. Most importantly, they will have established connections with their fellow writers and joined a like-minded community.
ABOUT SALLY: Sally has been writing and illustrating children's books for over fifteen years. She has over forty books published, many of them award-winning, including two novels for young adults. She has taught writing for children courses at the Council of Adult Education, the Victorian Writers' Centre and as a part of the Professional Writing and Editing program at RMIT University.
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  1. It will be super duper fabo i just know! Good luck, sally. jx

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