Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fromages Francais

Ooh la la! They say there is a different French cheese for every day of the year and I would have to say I think I am coming pretty close to having eaten every one of them - even the ones that smell like feet. Is there nothing more sublime than a glass of red with a blob of camembert on a piece of crusty baguette? Throw in a seventeenth century Parisian apartment with the morning sun streaming in and I am in heaven. This week is flying by and we are already dreaming up ways of how we can possibly come back (or never leave?) There are still two whole wings of the Louvre I didn't get to see! (Though they say  it would take nine months to see every single thing in the Louvre. I could handle that. Nine months here would suit me fine.) 
You'll be happy to know I can now go sockless, which means we almost fit in here now, could almost pass as Parisians, except that my seven year old insists on hanging all his Eiffel Tower keyrings off his jumper. But that's OK. It could be just a statement ironique - in a kind of Andy Warhol/Marcel Duchamp kind of way.


  1. Hi Sally
    Your stories are full of fun .. I like them.
    thank you !! ^^

  2. I think you should hang some Eiffel keyrings off your jumper (or bare legs) too. Tres chic and definitely contemporary!! A big hello from cold and dark Melbourne, good to hear you're enjoying every second of your time there. xx inari (and birds, Filip now is laying eggs too, in synch with Diego. Everybody is multiplying!! : D

  3. Thanks Sadegh!
    Inari we are soon to leave sunny Europe for cold and dark Melbourne. I'm shivering at the thought. Back Friday - covered in keyrings! And PLEASE congratulate Filip for us! Those guys are amazing!