Monday, June 21, 2010

Brrr...Summer in Paris!

Hmmm... Summer in Paris? Yesterday it was freezing! Am I glad I threw in a jumper at the last minute! Just in case you're even slightly interested, today should be a little bit warmer, then by Wednesday it should be 25 and sunny. 
I've noticed that one of the differences between Melburnians and Parisians (I'm sure there are thousands but this is one I discovered yesterday) is that Parisians don't obsess about the weather the way we do (we do? I do?). I asked three people what the weather was going to be like this week and not one of them had any idea or showed any interest whatsoever! Cheez, in Melbourne I even know how many millimeters of rain there is going to be! 
How can I possibly know what to wear if I don't know what the weather is going to be like? It's hard enough looking 'Parisian chic' when I have to wear all my summer clothes on top of each other and socks with my thongs!


  1. ohlala! vous devez rester dans un cafe avec un verre de vin (peut-etre la mascotte a montmartre?)
    oh! and if you're still in paris on sunday night go and hear the nuns sing at sacre coeur. i'm not religious at all, but it is so beautiful. and you can have a crepe before, or after. i think they sing at around half 9.
    amusez-vous bien!

  2. Merci Kate, tristement nous quittons Paris samedi matin pour aller dans le sud. Je ne veux jamais partir! We are all having un temps merveilleux! Though my seven year old can't understand why everyone here is speaking 'that language' all the time. But I promise I will have a verre de vin at the mascotte for you.
    A bientot