Friday, April 16, 2010

Billie in the Younger Sun Bookstore

THIS is very exciting! When you walk into the fabulous Younger Sun Bookstore in Yarraville this is the first thing you see. I was asked by the wonderful Kate O'D to come in and sign some Billie books this week and had no idea what a treat awaited me! Thanks Kate and everyone at the Younger Sun for all your support!
Any other bookstores stocking Billies who'd like me to come in and sign copies, just let me know. I have a car and I am prepared to drive any (reasonable) distance for any Billie fans out there!


  1. Hi Sally. Congrats on the display and the book signing!

    How's life over at RMIT these days? :)

    ~Ann Leslie

  2. Thanks Ann - good to hear from you. I'm still enjoying teaching at RMIT. Got a great group of students this year.

  3. WOW! How exciting! I haven't come across the Billie display yet here. Need to do a bookstore marathon to find one!

  4. Yeah, they look amazing, Aki! Definitely worth doing a marathon for.