Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Faber Academy 2013

I am thrilled to have been asked to run a second Writing for Children class for the Faber Academy this year. Like last year, it will be held in the Melbourne Allen and Unwin offices and participants will have the opportunity to hear from an A & U publisher and have their manuscript looked at by an A & U editor at the end of the course.
As I will be away for a few classes this year, I am thrilled that Martine Murray has agreed to step in to cover me as she was such a hit with my students last year. We are also lucky enough to have Andy Griffiths join us again to share his tips on writing for kids.
For more information, visit the Faber Academy website or join us at the info evening on Wednesday 30th Jan to meet the Faber course directors at the Allen and Unwin offices.


  1. It sounds fabulous, Sally. I thought you might have been teaching this again this year. Someone emailed me about my own creative writing course (which I am not running this year) and I sent her on to you. I hope she follows through. She will be in for a total treat! xx

    1. Oh thanks Jen! Yes, I'm looking forward to it. x