Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some good news for Billie B Brown readers

I've had a few emails recently from parents/grandparents/other relatives, desperate to track down the first Big Book of Billie for Christmas. It actually sold out last Christmas, but yesterday I received this happy news from my publisher:

"Due to overwhelming demand we've just hit reprint on the Big Book of Billie #1! It's actually a Big W exclusive until December 1st. After that it should be available from all good bookstores and leading department stores including Big W, Kmart and Target."

So, a nice little stocking filler for anyone who's already finished reading the Big Book of Billie 2?

There has also been a little confusion as to which stories the two big books contain. So, to set the whole story straight, here is a list (you will see there are four stories that double -up.)

Big Book One: The Bad Butterfly, The Soccer Star, The Midnight Feast, The Second-best Friend, The Extra-special Helper, The Beautiful Haircut, The Secret Message, The Big Sister, The Birthday Mix-up, The Best Project, The Little Lie, and The Spotty Holiday. Also includes bookmark and activity pages.

Big Book Two: The Birthday Mix-Up, The Little Lie, The Best Project, The Spotty Holiday, The Cutest Pet Ever, The Copycat Kid, The Pocket Money Blues, The Deep End, The Night Fright, The Missing Tooth, The Bully Buster and The Perfect Present. Also includes activities and a paper doll.

Happy reading!

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  1. I love reading your amazing and adventurous books! They bring joy to me! Can you please make more!? I have all of the books so far as I absolutely enjoy them!