Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hey there, I was very excited to receive the news today that Billie B Brown The Big Sister has been shortlisted for a YABBA* award. This is a kids' choice award, so it is extra thrilling to be on the shortlist and in the company of such wonderful children's authors. I am often asked by children 'Which is my favourite Billie book?' and honestly, I really don't know the answer to that question, but all the same, this one is pretty special to me.

This is the book when Billie's baby brother, Noah arrives, and Billie feels quite ambivalent about the whole thing. Aside from having expected a little sister, not a brother, Billie isn't sure she likes the idea of her mother going away to hospital - without her! Also, this is the book I was writing when my own dear publisher was very pregnant with her own little bundle of joy, so the book is dedicated to her and her baby daughter. Thanks Hilary!

*The full shortlist and more information about the awards can be found on the YABBA website, included in the link.

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