Thursday, June 16, 2011

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Here is Aki's latest blog post about illustrating The Little Lie.
Some of these Billie stories stray so close to home it's almost embarrassing. Yes, I once cut my own hair, yes, I craved to be a teacher's pet, and, yes, I was known to make up the odd story once in a while... My poor parents. I can't tell you how many times they pulled out that old "Boy Who Cries Wolf" story in the hope of curing me of my... tendencies towards an overactive elaboration.
How could they have known that one day this is how I would make a living?
So, what's the biggest fib you've ever told?


  1. Thank you for highlighting me Sally!
    I remember when I was little there was a certain period of time when the dining floor after our family meal was.. very colourful with bits and pieces of food. I used to hate carrots so would quietly throw them across to my borther's end uder the table, while my brother would throw his disliked mushrooms toward me. Us five siblings will spend the entire dinner time trying to sneakingly get rid of the food we disliked off our plates by throwing them across to each other under the table hoping someone else would get in trouble for our own sins, without realizing that we were doing it to each other! Of course mum knew everything and gave us loong lectures on how we shouldn't be wasting food and need to eat everything off our plates to get the nutrients. She was very good at making us feel guilty and shame, that this bad sibling habit died quickly!

  2. Dear Sally,
    I love this post. Very happy to know there was the same kid like me...(*yes, I did ALL what you did or MORE than ye?!)What a creative child!
    My biggest fib was...
    "I've never told a lie."

  3. Hi Aki - oh, I know where to come if I ever run out of Billie stories! I LOVE that story about you and your brother!
    Sadami, thanks for dropping by. Yes, it's fun to share childhood secrets. As long as they are camouflaged by fiction!