Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Aki sketches and a new Billie

Click here for more gorgeous Aki sketches. I don't know about you but I never get sick of seeing Aki's work in progress. Thanks Aki for posting.
And here is a glimpse of the next Billie book due out next month.
"Billie has broken her arm! It's going to be the best story ever for Show and Tell. Especially if she adds in a crocodile..."


  1. I longed to break my arm when I was little. I wanted a cast so badly. I was always manufacturing slings out of my mother's scarves and swanning about looking 'pale and interesting and...wounded'. Lucky Billie. jx

  2. Hi Sally

    Thank you for the post :)
    When I was illustrating The Little Lie it reminded me of my sister Yuki. Our family used to go camping often near the beaches. She broke her arm when we were playing Tarzan on a huge swing. I think she was 9 and I was 8. Her cast was treated like a little proof of courage amongst her friends. Mum didn't think so and told us to stay stay from the unstable swing...

  3. Hi Jen - I know! 'Doctors and Nurses' was a big one in our household!
    Aki - I love the story of your sister.
    The only time I broke a bone was at my Year 10 dance. I was wearing new high heels and as I entered the hall I slipped and fell on my wrist and spent the rest of the evening in Emergency in my ball gown!

  4. That must have been terrible Sally! It would have been a good inspiration for a Billie story if she was older! :)
    Well at least you were the most beautiful patient in the hospital! Doctors and nurses must have appreciated that :)

  5. Ohhh I cant wait for this book!! My daughter adds 'creative licence' to her stories, and I can only go over the 'boy and the wolf' story so many times before it gets really boring! I hope this will help her to understand where little white lies can lead...

    Cristy xx

  6. Thanks Cristy! Apparently lying in children is a sign of intelligence (if that's any consolation!) Anyway, she could always end up as a writer. I get paid to make up stories. ;-)

  7. Hi Sally,
    I think either a writer or a lawyer (as her negotiating skills are equally as strong as her story telling!).

    In all seriousness, do you know of Asperger's Syndrome (high functioning autism)?

    Here's a little info....
    -Firstly girls with AS present very differently to boys - they are better actresses (masking their social deficits).
    -They have a lot of 'generalised anxiety' - MANY more anxiety triggers within their day than in 'ours'. They then suffer confusion in recognising or pinpointing the triggers (making it impossible for a person to avoid/deal with a trigger they haven't even spotted or recognised it!)
    -They tend to 'bottle it up'(anxiety) and explode at the end of the day (often at home w mum and dad where it is 'safe' to do so).

    I could go on...

    I think often when people think of autism 'rainman' come to mind - this is not a good depiction of Asperger's (especially in girls). 'Rainman' is way down the other end of the autism spectrum!

    How does this all relate to Bille B Brown?

    Well Billie B Brown (and all her worries) are the prefect lead into discussions with my own daughter about anxiety and her 'funny tummy' that she gets almost daily.

    My daughter reads with a smirk on her face, and can relate to Billie B so much so that we've dubbed it 'a book about Elise'.

    Cristy xx

  8. Hi Cristy,
    Thank you so much for your comment. It was very touching to read and I am thrilled to hear that Elise identifies so strongly with Billie. I have heard of Asperger's but had no idea that it presented so differently in boys and girls. If you haven't picked up a copy of The Little Lie yet please send me through an email with your postal address as I'd love to send a signed copy to Elise. My address is:
    Lovely to hear from you.