Monday, March 15, 2010

Article in The Age -An Education.

First of all I was so excited to have my article published in today's Age (with huge photograph! - had to take a photo - see left!) Then, even more exciting, I have had messages all day from friends, acquaintances and people I don't even know to thank me for writing it! I feel so thrilled that so many people have felt inspired by the article - let's hope World Vision get a barrage of phone calls over the following days! The power of words, hey?
If you want to read the full article, scroll down to my earlier post titled 'I think it's time I had another child' - and I'd love to hear from you!


  1. On ya Sally. That's really great. And you'll be glad to know you inspired me. I started sponsoring a child from Ghana after reading your post the other day. I'm sure many other people would have done the same thing.


  2. Thanks Meredith - I hope so! I still receive the odd email from strangers to say how they've been inspired by the piece, which is wonderful. Guess it's nice to read some good news in the paper occasionally amongst all that doom and gloom?
    Sally x