Friday, September 4, 2009

blog tour - that's it from me!

Well, I have come to the last photo I wanted to post on my blog tour. Many readers have asked me what happened to the 'real' Chenxi. Well, he is alive and well and working as a full-time painter in Austria. This is one of his more recent works and the painting I describe in my novel. For more about the 'real' Chenxi as opposed to the invented Chenxi (who I write about in my novel) you can read Tarie's great interview with me tomorrow, which is the last post of my blog tour.
Thanks to Joanna, the Book Muncher, Cindy, Greenbean and Steph for hosting me this week. And
thanks to everyone who has followed - especially Rach.
Hopefully see some of you at: intothewardrobe tomorrow!
And for the blogger who asked to see all the covers so far, here they are. There are two more versions to come from Germany and Belgium. It's always exciting to see how different they can be. I'd be interested to know
your favourite!


  1. I quite like the cover on the bottom left. Was that the original cover?

  2. Hi Tarie, yes it was! It was taken from a photo I took of a friend of mine in China, peeking out behind a sheet. I just happened to have it in my collection when my publisher asked if I had any ideas for covers. Originally it had a sky-blue background and the sheet was white. The red obviously gives it a more ominous feel.

  3. Wow!! That painting is exquisite. How fascinating to see it. I have learned so much about you reading this blog! I love how Chen Xi has drawn on traditional Chinese calligraphy and taken it somewhere entirely new and mysterious--somewhere more expressive and impressionistic, I suppose.