Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hardback copies of 'Millie' for sale

I was at the Whitsundays writers festival in Queensland last month with John Marsden and found out that he still had dozens of boxes of hardback Millie's in storage! This is probably one of my favourite books and I was very sad when it finally went out of print earlier this year. 
So, thanks to John, I now have a hundred of them, in hardback, that I am happy to sign and pass on if anyone would like to buy one (or half a dozen?) - drop me a line.  :-)
Just email me at


  1. Do you still have any??

  2. Don't suppose you still have any? We've looked everywhere!

  3. Do you have any copies left for sale.

  4. Sorry, I'm all out! Perhaps you can try Books Illustrated. They might still have some.