Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Post number one

Hello. Thanks to my good friend and inspirational blogger Rachel Power, I am finally joining the blog world. I'm not expecting to be a regular user (who knows?) but hope to use this site to chat about new books I'm working on, or books that have just been released.
This picture is from one of my latest books that I illustrated for Martine Murray, which will be released in September. More on this to come.
I'd love to hear from anyone who happens to stumble across my blog (particularly any of my readers - books, that is!), so I can see if maintaining one of these things is really worthwhile.
I'd also like to use this blog to draw attention to other great blogs and websites I come across so don't forget to click on the links.
Well, that wasn't really too painful...
Back soon!


  1. Woohoo! Looking good, Sally. Can't wait to see/hear more...
    R xoxo

  2. Thanks Rach. Though I think you'll be my only fan because the only way I can even find my blog again is to go via yours! Ah, still so much to learn...

  3. Eh hem, you do have other fans you know! Your blog page looks beautiful, love the colours. I will recommend the link to my friends with children for book ideas.
    Speaking of lovely sites - I stumbled across Alana Hill's the other day - it's gorgeous, check it out
    xxx Fi

  4. Thanks Fi - it's good to know I can always count on my lil' sis. :-)